Latest Project: IRON DUST - Reflections

Film of the evening of the premiere of IRON DUST Reflections with Eleutheria Foundation Prague, 2017

In Kladno, walking amongst the ruins of ancient steel factories, is like visiting an archaeological site that - just few years ago -  was part of an unusual life in the shadow of Stalinism. All that remains today, of a factory which was employing thousands of employees, is debris, weeds, rusted trusses, crumbling furnaces and abandoned buildings. Read more


Danilo De Rossi is an Italian photographer whose work centers on the emotional landscape between human beings and urban environment. His interest has developed through involvement and collaboration with many leading architectural firms, as well as the experience of extensive travelling and living abroad. Read more


The creation of any object is, at its core, an act of emotional engagement. The intention of the maker is realised through his ability to convey the intended meaning. This meaning is particularly relevant for architecture. Constructions alter space and light. They establish new discourses with our senses. Their windows mediate reality. Decide what to exclude and what to include. Materials create a sense of connection, or alienation, for our body. The perpetual development of a modern city, constantly redefines architectural meaning and challenges our emotional relationship. 


CITYSCAPES - The Dream of Modernity

A city that grows encroaching neighbourhoods, in constant state of transition with enormous buildings, surpassing any sense of scale. The periphery constantly becoming central. Prime space demolished. While historical cities have the ruins of ancient civilisation at their centre, the world’s more modern ones seem to converge in homogeneous collections of nameless buildings and interiors, removed of any diversity. Read more

I Have Seen Hell, and it is White

Dalton Mills, a cotton mill complex built from 1866 to 1877 in Keighley – Northern England, is a Victorian textile mill, and one of the most important monument of its kind surviving today. Once the largest textile complex in the region, the mill was employing over 2000 workers. As the textile industry declined, the fortunes of Dalton Mills changed and in 1994 the operations were discontinued. Read more

No Construction Without Destruction

A demolished site in the heart of Shanghai is not an extraordinary view. During the constant city expansion, millions of people have been forcefully dislocated and moved at least once during their lives. Read more

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IRON DUST - Reflections multimedia film installation premiered with Eleutheria Foundation in Prague 1 November 2017

I would like to thank all those who took part in the evening of 1 November for the many, appreciative comments. After months of work and research, I'm really happy that IRON DUST Reflections has had this fantastic response!

A special thank you to Eleutheria Foundation. The enthusiasm for this project shown by Francesco Augusto Razetto, Ottaviano Maria Razetto and Francesca Tonelli was fundamental to its development and to determine, through various interactions, its final direction. The same involvement came from the whole team: thanks to Nicolò Iannone for creating a beautiful graphic design, to Flavio R. G. Mela for communication and to Genny Di Bert, curator of the Foundation.

In a world where everything we do seems to constantly need immediate economic returns, the creation of artistic projects is in a state of absolute fragility. I believe that the human being today has a greater need for beauty and artistic sentiment than in the past and the role of Eleutheria Foundation - always committed to supporting and promoting important cultural activities - is crucial: the fact that, since the beginning, they believed in me and accepted my ideas with passion and enthusiasm makes me really proud!

I am deeply grateful to H.E. Aldo Amati, Ambassador of Italy in the Czech Republic, and Mrs. Eliska Kaplicky Fuchsova, Cultural Manager at the City of Prague, for their opening remarks. Once again, thank you for your participation and invaluable support!

I would also like to thank the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague for their important patronage and collaboration, starting with the director Giovanni Sciola, as well as the Mayor of Praha 1, Mr Oldřich Lomecký, the Italo-Czech Chamber of Commerce, the Art and Design Institute, Unicredit, Architectural Consulting, the Foundation Vaclav Havel VIZE97, Redmont Consulting and Celluloid Drapers.

Thanks to the actors who took care of the narrative: Riccardo Mei for the Italian version, Peter Bishop for the English version and Jiri Dvorak for the Czech version, who have interpreted my lyrics very well, adding a new dimension to the project.

My deep gratitude to my team: Laura Di Nitto and Faraz Alam, for their tireless and psychological support and, finally, thanks to my wife Stefania Del Monte for her support and (great) patience, which is clearly born from love.


The Architecture of Emotions, Duration 4.14 - English with Italian subtitles


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CITYSCAPES - The Dream of Modernity: photographic book  in a first edition of 300 copies, each numbered and signed by the author. Read more

Every picture is captivating and tells a separate story. You can find yourself going back to each picture again and again finding something new every time. It is certainly a great photobook to add to your bookshelf that will stand the test of time
— Joanna Sopylo Firrisa, Hashtag Photography Magazine - London

Fine Prints and Editions

Danilo collaborates with leading printing studios in London and the Czech Republic, to produce limited editions fine art prints for private and institutional collectors. Read more