Biography and profile

I am a conceptual photographer and filmmaker whose work centres on the emotional landscape between human beings and our environment: The Architecture of Emotions. 

I was born in 1969 in Rome, Italy and since 2005 I have been living abroad in the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the Czech Republic and Spain. 

Until the end of 2017 I pursued image-making in parallel with a leadership role in a global company where, over 25 years, I gained significant experience in business strategy and execution, organisation development, mentoring and extensive multicultural exposure. Read here my business profile.

While this job was a fantastic experience I felt that something was still missing. Therefore, in 2018, I have decided to devote myself totally to artistic research. I moved to Madrid where I am refining my artistic practice as an alumni of the Master in Fine Arts Photography at IED.

My photography and film installations have been exhibited and/or published in Hong Kong, Australia, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech Republic and the United States and are part of several private collections.

My projects are produced as individual, limited edition photographs, publications, film and public lectures.

Artistic profile

Solo Exhibitions and screenings
2018: Polvere di Ferro - Riflessioni, Archivio Storico Comunale, Palermo, Italy
2018: La Fabbrica dell’Assoluto, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Palermo, Italy
2017: Iron Dust - Reflections, Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation, Prague, Czech Republic
2017: Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity, Vnitroblock, Prague, Czech Republic
2017: Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity, Italian Cultural Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
2010: Cityscapes, Cantina Belli, Fumone, Italy
2008: Cityscapes, Kina Art Caffè, Marino, Italy
2008: Cityscapes, The Hawth Theatre, Crawley, UK
2007: Cityscapes, Al Volo Gallery, London, UK
2007: Cityscapes, Municipal Palace, Fumone, Italy

2018: La Fabbrica dell’Assoluto, Duration 6:29, Italian, English
2017: Iron Dust - Reflections, Duration 8:28, Italian, English, Czech
2017: The Architecture of Emotions, Duration 4.14, English with Italian subtitles

2018: The Duality of Truth - between Aspiration and Realisation, selected to join the photography platform Transeuropa
2018: The Duality of Truth - between Aspiration and Realisation, selected as runner up at 2nd International Photography Prize Mondo Galeria, Madrid, Spain  
2017: Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity - Excellence Award – Black and White Magazine US
2017: Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity selected for Descubrimientos at Photo Espana XX

2017: Iron Dust - Reflections - Fine Prints Edition, Fondazione Eleutheria Czech Republic

2018: Polvere di Ferro - Riflessioni sul Paesaggio Post-industriale, exhibition catalogue
2018: La Cappella degli Italiani a Praga, photography book
2016: Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity, photography book

Lectures and public talks
2018: L’investigazione della realtà attraverso l’immagine, Scuola stabile di Fotografia, Palermo
2018: L’investigazione della realtà attraverso l’immagine, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, Palermo, Italia
2018: L’Architettura delle Emozioni, struttura e organizzazione del processo creativo, Dipartimento di Architettura, Università di Palermo

Selected Features and Articles
2018: Telegiornale di Sicilia, Polvere di Ferro - A Palermo la mostra del fotografo Danilo De Rossi
2018: Repubblica TV, Dalla Repubblica Ceca a Palermo per filmare i Cantieri Culturali della Zisa
2018: IlSicilia, A Palermo la mostra di Danilo De Rossi “Polvere di ferro – Riflessioni […]
2018: Italiani Ovunque, Danilo De Rossi, da CEO di una multinazionale ad artista in Spagna […]
2017: Praha 1 TV: IRON DUST - Reflections
2017: Interview, in conversation with Vnitroblock
2017: Hashtag Photography, 19, London
2017: Il Sogno di Modernità di Danilo De Rossi, Mariapia Bruno, Blasting News
2017: Book review on Czech Green Building Council, Czech Republic
2017: Ciao Praga, Il sogno di Modernità di Danilo De Rossi, by Paola Caronni
2009: DC Photography Magazine, 105 - Hong Kong  
2009: Silvershotz, Volume 7, Edition 2

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 Photo courtesy of Sabrina Butera

Photo courtesy of Sabrina Butera

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