Materia Oscura, 2018-2019
A project on Humanity, across Time and Space

The natural world is made up of mysterious balances that go way beyond our memory and understanding of time. Surfaces rich with detail show an order created through constant but imperceptible changes and cycles of boundless time horizons. It is a system of infinite variables that seems to have severed every relationship between cause and effect. Man dominates nature but seems unable to control it.

In the silence of their stillness, technical objects display inscrutable surfaces. Their aesthetic is the unintentional result of functional calculations. Like prehistoric monoliths, they resemble enigmatic symbols of a temporal compression; a past reached at the same time as their conception. The giant brain of artificial intelligence has no body in sight. Cities and public squares, historically the pulse of political discussions, are becoming architectures devoid of meaning, purely informational. Decisions are made in places without human participation.

When endless chains of technical sequences are exchanged at speeds and in formats beyond our comprehension, human language becomes irrelevant and reality is abstraction. A continuous transformation that makes new orders emerge, new worlds materialise and old worlds disappear.

The portfolio is comprised by an artist book and a limited edition of prints that will be made available during the first part of 2019 for acquisition and exhibition.

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