Cityscapes - The Dream of Modernity, 2009-2017 
A project on the relationship between the city and the human beings

A city that grows encroaching neighbourhoods, in constant state of transition with enormous buildings, surpassing any sense of scale. The periphery constantly becoming central. Prime space demolished. While historical cities have the ruins of ancient civilisation at their centre, the world’s more modern ones seem to converge in homogeneous collections of nameless buildings and interiors, offering visitors a globalised place, removed of any diversity.

In the globalised metropolis, stainless steel and glass panes shine day and night offering surfaces impenetrable by our gaze, presenting an ageless and inhumane idea of perfection. Reflective cladding materials create a sense of estrangement, by placing citizens constantly outside.

In this perfectly aseptic cityscape, are spaces in-between buildings a nuisance? In narrow hallways, under flyovers, and wherever there is space available, the real city fabric is able to manifest itself and create a much needed diversity. These spaces serve as a reminder that attempts to rationalise the beautiful complexity of life lead to miserable failure. Such places are adding texture and incredible vibrancy to the cityscape, and they are what really defines the individual character of a modern city.

They offer a real sensorial experience, where one’s mind eye is still able to caress materials and sink in textures. Here is where one can still find the beauty of the unexpected, almost an exotic experience in the modern globalised metropolis.

In the evening, and while raining, cities become unintentional. In the rain, reflections on the tarmac blur the vision and transform the city into an impressionist painting: imperfect, human, and more engaging for the senses. In the darkness of night, roads and buildings merge in a stream of grey shades. With the absence of light primordial senses are reactivated –hearing, smell and touch are present. Human shadows, with backdrops of gigantic infrastructures, trigger dreaming of new, unseen situations: visual echoes of film noir.

Cityscapes is a portfolio spanning several years with the images taken in Asia during my residence in 2009-10; a publication in 300 copies with 62 plates produced in 2016; a limited prints edition (2017) and the production of a museum-quality exhibition in 2017.

The portfolio is available for acquisition and exhibition and includes 24 limited edition fine giclée prints applied on acrylic panels.


Images from the exhibition at Vnitroblock, Prague, 8 August 2017
Vnitroblock is an abandoned factory in Prague now transformed into a cultural hub.


A photographic book including 62 plates published in a first edition of 300 copies, each copy individually numbered and signed by the author. For more information please visit the section publications

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