Iron Dust - Reflections, 2017
A project on the ethical, moral and visual landscape after the industry

In Kladno, walking amongst the ruins of ancient steel factories, is like visiting an archaeological site that - just few years ago -  was part of an unusual life in the shadow of Stalinism. But the factory only proposes an apparent absence and vacuum. Volunteer workers' voices are still here: judges, lawyers, poets, philosophy professors, uprooted from their own houses and lives, during the Communist regime, to carry out unknown jobs in extreme and dangerous conditions, amidst criminals and political prisoners. The plant decommissioning, one-sidedly decided by man, it's an impossible condition. The dialogue with nature throughout the seasons, the gradual change of colours, the daylight shaping new volumes and unexpected architectures within the abandoned buildings are all part of a process that is continuous and unavoidable. Read the full statement here

Presentations and screenings

To date, the film has been presented in two very different venues, which were selected to enhance the experience of the spectator. The first venue, in November 2017, displayed a ultra-wide screen in a gothic church in Prague, installed to resemble a triptych on the altar, thus exploring the meaning of industrialism as a religion.

Later, in 2018, the installation was presented at the Sala Almeyda of the Historical Communal Archive in Palermo (one of the oldest purpose built archives in Europe). This context induced an experience of connection between memories.

Presentation at Historical Archive of the City of Palermo, September 2018

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Technical specifications

Video Format: Single HD screen
Audio Formats: Stereo with narrating voice in Italian
Running time: 8m 48s

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Presentation at the Dagmar and Vaclav Havel Foundation in Prague, November 2017

Film of the premiere of IRON DUST Reflections in Prague, November 2017, Duration 3:44

Technical specifications

Video Formats: 3 HD screens
Audio Formats: Stereo with narrating voice in Italian, English and Czech languages available through headphones
Running time: 8m 48s

Credits and Contributions

Artistic supervision: Laura Di Nitto
Italian narrating voice: Riccardo Mei
English narrating voice: Peter Bishop
Czech narrating voice: Jiri Dvorak
Soundtrack: Bob Bradley e Tomas Balmf
Graphic design: Niccolò Iannone
Co-produced with Eleutheria Foundation Prague

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